Rumi: Why not Now?

Dear human beings,

I am Rumi, your beloved brother, sister, lover, admirer, worshipper, inspirator, dancer, singer, soul compagnon, whatever you want me to be…. you can even call me ‘stranger’ or ‘master’ or something else, but you need to know that nothing separates us from each other.

This is my message: There is no difference, there is no distinction, there is no reason to think one is better than an other, one religion is better than an other, one person is worthier than another, men are better than women or animals are less important. Respect and honor each other. Always.
There is also no reason to think sexuality is something to be ashamed of, only man and woman are allowed to love each other or whatever strange rules and convictions men made. Love & respect each other.

Some strange rules are made in the many many years religions and philosophies evolved and developed, splitting up and floating away from Source, away from the ultimate Truth. ‘In the name of God’ it floated away from what God means, what you are, what we all are, the only Truth, which connects us all with each other: Love.

Don’t forget that there is no rule at all made by God. Only human beings make rules, when they try to understand something or just want to organize something or try to control others or even use other peoples belief to get more power themselves. Yes, all of this happened.

But you, my beloved brothers and sisters, you are loved, you are wise enough, you are part of this great Love, which is the only Source. Love each other, love your enemies, because they are part of you and part of God, because we are all One. That’s why no one is better, no one can rule someone else, no one can blame someone else, none can accuse God, none can be thrown out, none is less worth or whatever you want to separate. It is impossible.

This is the biggest lesson for humanity at this moment and if you look around and see what is happening all around you, you can see this: The challenge is to love. Not only your own family and friends, but also your neighbors, strangers, people you don’t understand, your so-called ‘enemies’. As long as you don’t, your life will be challenging, which means: calling you back into Love. Your life will be a challenge, not because anyone is punishing you, but because you are fighting with yourself. Start loving your self, start loving who you are, all of you.

I love you, I love men, I love women, I love children, I love animals, I love nature, I love the trees, I love the Earth, the oceans, I love Love and all of you are Love. In the end you are made of Love and you will return to Love, why not now?

Why not Now?
Love is who you are, Love is life.

If you think you are only one little drop in the ocean, you forget that you are the whole ocean in this drop. If you think you can separate Love into small pieces and ‘own’ that little piece, you forget that one drop is not separated from the whole ocean of Love. All oceans are connected.

I am Rumi and I come to celebrate.
Join me and leave your worries behind.
Dance with me and enjoy.
Welcome, my Love…

Let me kiss you with eternal joy.

We are One.