This article is a message from Babaji, channeled by Gwendoline Remmerie, translated in English:

It is about ‘loneliness & more-li-ness’. More-li-ness is a new word, it means: You’re never alone, but always one with others, if you realize that or not. More-li-ness means you realize you are not separate, you are part of a whole Oneness, like the drop in the ocean. As Rumi said: You are not the drop in the ocean, but the ocean in the drop….

Although we can have many people around us, we can feel lonely. And the other way around: If we are alone, we don’t have to feel lonely. Sometimes people feel more lonely while they have a partner and children then people without. What makes people lonely? That’s a good question in this time, in which we are asked to focus on working together and connection with each other.

Someone who lives alone is not lonely if he knows how to be open to his environment: the little flower somewhere in the street, the bird in the sky, people he meets somewhere around and just feeling comfortable. While the other person, with many people around him can feel very lonely, because he is locked up in his head and is ‘locked up’ by worrying about things, doubting about everything etc… Actually it is the mind that build walls at that moment. Any idea or judgement can be as a red light for this person and it can close the door for other perceptions or meeting others. That person is locked up in his own mind. No matter how many people are around.

Loneliness exists when that red light blocks someone. As soon as you have a certain ‘fixed’ idea about someone else, you are not able to meet the other. You can talk and spend time together, but you are locked up in the meantime. It is necessary to know that you always exists and that you are there, no matter what thoughts are going on in your mind.

You can see the thoughts as something ’normal and human’, without letting yourself being caught by it. You just see it and tolerate it. The thought itself doesn’t need to be a stone for the wall around yourself. And then it is not necessary to feel lonely. Loneliness is the situation in which someone is inside the self-build walls of judgements, ideas, perceptions and condemnations, without knowing it. It doesn’t help if there are people around.

That moment someone is not able to see it and to recognize he himself is the builder of that wall. It is like being in a mirror-room and in all the mirrors around you – you see the same perception reflected. One little thing is reflected back from all the other mirrors and becomes bigger and bigger and repeats itself again and again and it is difficult to change that energy-field. It feels like you can’t do anything about it and it feels sad and you are overwhelmed by it.

This costs a lot of power and makes you very tired, it makes it difficult to function in a normal way. But the sadness is the reflection against all this mirrors at the walls around you. All your emotions, ideas and thoughts were kind of red lights for you. Then you cannot go on. That are all limitations. It is very human, but it makes clear why you are so happy and well one moment and sad and powerless the other moment. It happens without noticing. It exists for a moment or a period and you don’t realize it.

So, loneliness it is not about people who are alone, without other people around them. It is a mental field with limitations and you are not able to break through at that moment. It is a self-build prison. And it asks insight to see and know that you don’t have to put the lights on red. As soon as you notice a spontaneous judgement, put the light on green again. Accept having judgements, but don’t let them stop you. See that a thought can ONLY become a red light if you are not aware of it.

It works like this: If you feel something, an emotion, you say: Okay, now I’m angry or I’m sad… and that’s it. But at that point you can choose to close the door or not. Just feel it and take some time for the emotion, let it move (e-motion, it means: wants to move… feel it and let it go) but don’t close the door after it, don’t make stories about it, keep the door open. It is okay to have emotions and opinions, but it is not necessary to CLOSE yourself off.

For someone else it is most of the time impossible or very difficult to come through, if you’ve build walls and stay behind it. Then you can say: See, nobody understands me…. but you yourself don’t let them in. If you notice someone in a lonely position like that, you can try to reach him or her, but it is difficult. They don’t want to hear you. Maybe you feel pity for them, that’s what they ask for. They also feel pity for themselves, but they don’t realize they do it to themselves.

What is the best thing you can do? Don’t push, don’t condemn, don’t close your door too, stay as you are and don’t let them fall down. Just be yourself. Don’t focus on the problems and the drama’s, go on and don’t let it bring you down. Till someone decides to open him or herself again, then forget it and go on and don’t judge it. Don’t repeat it. Look through it.


If you are together in a group, is the one who stops at his own thoughts and makes ‘red lights’ of it, not able to experience being together with others. While you, if you have a common focus, are able to look further. With a common focus it is possible to call forth the ‘Master’ in ourselves. As soon as you are with other people it is very important to look further then the first impressions and judgements and to focus upon the fact of being together, being One, although there seem to be many differences at the surface.

We are all One. As soon as one person in a group connects with that Oneness, is it impossible for him to feel lonely in the group. Even if he doesn’t like the ideas of the other people, or their behavior or their outfit or whatever, he is able to see behind all this differences and feel the common aspects of being One.

For the sake of the wholeness it is necessary to handle ‘loneliness’ fundamentally and remove it. The lonely person is sad, has self-pity and is not able to remove from his island and therefor he cannot contribute to the grow of the wholeness. There is no interaction possible with universal information. Imagine one drop of water in a stream is able to shut himself off, the whole stream would lose it’s natural movement. All the other drops would be disturbed by that.

If one person in a group behaves lonely, it is even more important for the others to be conscious of being lonely or not-lonely and concentrate on the oneness, the more-li-ness.

The truth is that we are always more-li-ness. Only the mind can give us the impression that we are lonely. Someone who has the feeling not to be understood by others, can experience it like that, but only when he makes a ’red light’ of it, he builds a wall and it will turn over to self-pity and sadness, because he thinks he is strange and he emphasis his own ideas about that, because it is not moving anymore. He is imprisoned and that’s how he invites others to get that picture of him too. If someone wraps himself in that lonely and sad feeling, others will react with pity for him. Or they say: ‘Ah, what a pity, why is he acting like this, I don’t want to contribute to that.’ So, when the lonely person withdraws himself like that, he actually asks others to see him like that, they will get that picture of him. It disturbs the stream. It blocks the sense of more-li-ness.

Dear friends, everything what happens that causes human suffering, can only happen because of loneliness and comes from lonely people.

A lonely manager will have a complete different effect on the whole business then a more-li-ness manager who works together with people, talks to them, listen to them, IS TOGETHER with them.

Someone who behaves lonely in a family will be a ‘stranger’ in the whole gathering and will give an unpleasant influence at the atmosphere. In all the situations around you and in the world is suffering caused by people who don’t understand this more-li-ness. They don’t see it, don’t feel it and don’t realize it.

Luckily enough there are a lot of people in the world who do understand this more-li-ness, but also for them is the question: Do you realize you are together with others? Do you notice you are one with each other? Or do you still think you are caught up in your own mind? You have a responsibility here, because when you are present in more-li-ness between other people, you will stimulate the whole oneness. If you, without realizing it, are captured in your own thoughts, you make ‘pieces’ and disturb the flow. Also your own flow…

More-li-ness is appealing that very special power of connection, the white between the words which give meaning to the words, the silence between the sounds which makes the sound recognizable. What people connects is Love. It is not about the human-being as individual, it is about what connects them (the white between the words). That’s how the individual gets the possibility to sparkle and shine. If he is not in the stream or when he is drawing himself back behind his walls, his own ideas about love and working together and living together, he will be very tired and exhausted very soon, because he is not feed by that ‘more-li-ness’.

You cannot get a flame burned by yourself. Focus on that which you all have in common, what connects you. Only then the fire can burn and become more. You may even sit on an island on your own, but as long as you can feel a mental connection in stead of separation, you’re not alone. Be open, be receptive. Look at what you have in common with each other rather then what makes the differences.

Don’t look for what has to be better, but look for what is good already and makes more of that, by noticing it, being grateful for it. Speak supporting words, speak positive, stimulating. To yourself and to others. To everything around you. Live in more-li-ness.

If you walk around on your own in nature, you can be as more-li-ness as someone who walks in a group. Let this idea of more-li-ness inspire you and bring it out, show it. Make more of it.

The lonely person expands his complaints and copies his thoughts again and again about what he doesn’t want. He makes more of it. It is mirrored continuously.
The mor-li-ness person can live simple. He does not focus on what he finds difficult or problematic, what he doesn’t like and doesn’t want, his focus is on what is one, what is possible, what is preferred. If he sees something what is not nice, he doesn’t like, he will not multiply it. He just sees it and let it go, put his attention on something else, something better. He will not going on with repeating it, telling it over and over again, thinking about it all the time. It stays simple, not copied.

Who lives in connection, open and receptive, will automatically look at the possibilities and doesn’t need it to multiply the non-possibilities. That goes easy, as usual. He doesn’t want it and is not wasting any energy on that.

I tell you this, because the next time that you will find yourself in a lonely position, you will remember this and you will spontaneously escape from it. It is normal to feel emotions, but you don’t have to be stuck in any. It is not necessary to lock yourself up in it. Just feel it, at that moment, completely, as it is and give it some time. Breath through it, feel it, but don’t give it power over you. You are in charge. You can say: Ok, I feel this, but I don’t have to close the door. I don’t have to multiply it. I may feel sad or angry, but in teh menatime I stay open and I focus on all the good between me and the other. I focus on what we have in common.

This is the message to conscious people with an open heart, because they will understand it. Remind the wholeness always. Be more-ly!