Call for PEACE

Beloved brothers and sisters of this earth,

In this difficult times you see more and more chaos in the world. Don’t let yourself distract by what you see or notice. It is especially now very important to move into your heart, to open yourself for Love and Peace towards every creature on earth. Whatever someone is doing, it always has a reason and it is important not to judge, but to look at yourself. If you open your heart, you’ll see that there is no room for fear or hatred against another, because you are all brothers and sisters.

Now is the perfect time to step into Peace, to be the example for others who haven’t opened their hearts yet. Show compassion, show what is real Love, be the example you like to be. Now it is the time to step forward as a Peace-warrior. Not in a physical fight, but in your TOTAL BEING and that is only pure Love.

Love is the key to Peace. Love always conquers every fight. Believe in that love, have faith and never lose hope in Love. The world needs this limitless Love. Are you able, do you dare to walk this path of Love? It requires courage and guts to do so. It is easy to turn a blind eye and pretend that it not exist. We ask you: Come forth and lead the way. Take action by your deeds, be helpful for those in need and reach out your hands.

WE trust you will do so.
For the Love that connects us all.


This message is channeled by Inge De Smedt, January 2, just before we started our Peace-announcement on the radio. It is a call to everybody in the world to stand up in Peace, because the peace in ourselves creates peace in the world. This is the only way. It is time for that, to show our own power, to stop blaming each other. We don’t need to wait for others or politics, for presidents or enemies to take the first step, we can do it by ourselves. The way you look at the world is creating the world, so what happens if we look from our heart? What happens when we commit ourselves to look with the eyes of Love? You can be a part of this peace-movement, you can pass it on… you can feel the pwer if you join us, we can support and strengthen each other and from our own Peace we can blow a Peace-wind all over the world. Let’s be One. Join us. Become a member of WE.

You can leave your name and mailadres and write us your own commitment to this Peace. Thank you. For being the example and for passing it on…

Petra Maartense, Happy View