“It is possible, in an instant, to recognize the impulse to escape, and in the face of that, to stop. In the midst of that impulse, there is a choice, and that choice is to say ‘no’ to the escape and ‘yes’ to the facing. Choice is the most supreme power of mind.”

Following the impulses and strategies of the mind to escape or deny uncomfortable emotions may seem to be choiceless. But there is, in fact, a moment of choice to not follow our habituated conditioning.

This collection of conversations with Gangaji clearly illustrates how that moment of choice can be easily recognized in the willingness to consciously investigate our own tactics of avoidance.

When any thought or emotion, however uncomfortable, is met in the light of conscious awareness, it immediately loses its authority over our happiness and well being. Rather than something to be run from it becomes a doorway to an ever-deepening discovery of one’s true self.