WE are all brothers and sisters.
WE are One.
WE are the Peace.
WE choose Love.

This is a movement and everybody is invited to join. When you say ‘YES’ to Peace & Love it means you take responsibility for Peace in yourself and your own life. It is a comittment and it means: You take care for your own toughts, words and actions. WE stop blaming others, because we understand that Peace in ourselves create Peace in the world. The way we look at each other and the world change the outer world. This is our power: Love is the only power in which all differences, all pain and all frustration can dissolve. Love connects us all.

When you join this movement by making your own comittment to Peace, you will feel this connection, you will feel the support and you will feel stronger.

This is the secret: If you feel hate or anger against anyone, anything, whatever, don’t fight, but try to solve it with love for yourself and the other by understanding that in the end we are One and the other is part of you. Bring it al to the place of Love, inside, open your heart to see the human in everybody, forgive others for their actions and forgive yourself. Let Love, let God dissolve it and bring it to the highest level of Peace. Send Love to the other person. Imagine how it looks and feels when it is in peace and see how we as human beings always tried to blame something or someone for our own problems. As soon as we take this responsibility – to solve it in ourselves, to look at the solutions, imagine what is the best outcome in every situation and focus on that, we solve something. And things around us solve.

And remember this: Love is the strongest power, Love can heal everything. If there is Love there is no fear. Love is your protection, you don’t have to be afraid. Stay in your heart. And even when you don’t feel it yet, make it your intention. Because intentions start to work for you. So, say YES to Peace and Love, in every aspect of your life. Love each other. Choose Love.